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one-day online workshop on

seismic performance of sub-standard rc structural members


event schedule

View the final workshop program.


Date: April 7th, 2023
Time: 10:00 - 16:30 Istanbul Time (UTC+3)


You can see the biographies of the speakers in the "Speakers" section. 

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discover the exciting topics that our esteemed speakers will cover during the workshop

Alper İlki (Istanbul Technical University)
"Seismic Performance of Sub-standard Columns Project Overview and Insights from Recent Earthquake Observations"

Uğur Demir (Izmir Institute of Technology)
"Exploring Seismic Performance through Research Projects and Laboratory Work"
Safiye Gündoğan (Istanbul Technical University, Kırklareli University)

“Investigating the Seismic Performance of Sub-standard Columns under High Axial Stresses and Long-Term Loading”

Ufuk Yazgan (Istanbul Technical University)
"Substandard Buildings with Differential Support Settlements: Preliminary Results Related to a Challenging Problem"
Sadık Can Girgin (Dokuz Eylül University)
"Numerical Simulation of Shear-Dominated RC Members with Nonlinear Truss Analogy"
Lucas Hogan (University of Auckland)

“Seismic Assessment of Corroded RC Structures Using a Simplified Mechanics Approach”

Caglar Goksu Akkaya (Istanbul Technical University)

"From the Lab to the Field: Experimental Studies on the Seismic Performance of Sub-standard RC Structural Members and Related Observations from the 06 February 2023 Kahramanmaras Earthquakes"

Riadh Al-Mahaidi (Swinburne University of Technology)

"Collapse Assessment of Seismically Damaged Low Ductility RC Columns Strengthened with CFRP Composites"

Halil Sezen (Ohio State University)

"Seismic Performance and Collapse of Reinforced Concrete Buildings"

Theodoros Rousakis (Democritus University of Thrace)

"Retrofit of Deficient Reinforced Concrete Columns Assisted by Testing Towards Advanced Resilience - Critical Open Issues"

Ciro Del Vecchio (University of Sannio)

"Seismic Performance of Existing RC Buildings: Learning from Field Observations and Laboratory Tests"

Marco Di Ludovico (University of Napoli Federico II)

"Recent Advances in the Seismic Strengthening of Existing RC Buildings with Composite Materials"

Erdem Canbay (Middle East Technical University)

“Reason for Sub-standard Reinforced Concrete Structures”

Idris Bedirhanoglu (Dicle University)

“New Retrofitting Technique for Substandard Columns to Prevent Shear-Compression Failure”

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